Best Clay Pigeon Thrower 2017: Buyers Guide and Reviews Automatic Trap Thorwers

Best Clay Pigeon Thrower Review : Throw it higher and even higher! With plenty of Automatic Clay pigeon throwers in the market, it is also called Skeet thrower, Trap thrower, Clay thrower, people are quite confused about which would be the finest. Because each clay thrower delivers a unique shot and have a performance of their own, it becomes difficult for users to judge each of their specialties and hence, they end up taking a muddled decision. Clay pigeon throwers can be used for personal as well as for sports purposes. The ones available in the market are built for both purposes and hence, they'll meet your requirements. So today we are going to review the 3 best clay pigeon throwers in the market those will fulfill all your requirements you need in your own clay pigeon thrower.

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What is a Clay Pigeon Thrower?

A clay pigeon thrower is used for sporting clay courses, shooting ranges, and trap clubs. The equipment is used to shoot clay high up in the air and over long distances to see who can shoot it much higher and further. Although all the clay pigeon throwers that we are mentioning performs the best, each of them got their own specification that varies with the choice of the user.

Choosing the best clay pigeon thrower in 2017:

The list of clay pigeon throwers that we are going to mention is being manufactured by different sellers. They might differentiate with their looks and features, but are considered as the best in the industry, as well as in the market. So do read out their detailed features and specifications, compare them with each other before you make your choice.

The 3 Best Clay Pigeon Throwers to Buy Online 2017

Today We Gonna List out Most popular Clay Pigeon Throwers That are Used In Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap Thrower (Automatic)

The Automatic Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is a professional clay pigeon thrower. The equipment is lightweight and consists of an adjustable launch angle that makes it easier to set up and shoot. With a single full charge, this clay pigeon shooter can shoot more than 3000 shots to an extreme distance. The equipment is lightweight and includes a two-wheeled frame that can be easily moved around without any problem. The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap can be used by intermediates, as well as professionals. The equipment comes with a DVD that provides full instructions for its usage and adjustability. The package includes other accessories like a washer, bolts and nuts, plastic wheels, clay guide rods, frames, swing arm protectors, battery cables, and pedal release. The battery cable is about 3 feet long and the pedal release button comes with a 25-foot long cable. The button is very responsive and reacts instantly. The swing arm is built with aluminum and takes about 20 minutes for fully assembling. To reload the clay, you need to hold the release switch first or else it will keep dropping to the swing arm. This trap can shoot at about 50 to 60 yards and the cycle time is 2 seconds. The trap got an auto-operated mechanism. You can put a number of clays in the holder plus the wheel and pull the handle.   Buy Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap $$$

Summary of features

Do-All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap Thrower

Do-All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap is a classic looking trap and is considered as the greatest competitor of Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap. This trap can hold up to 25 clays at a time and can load them into an aluminum throwing arm without breaking the clays. The equipment effectively shoots the clays up to 65- 80 yards away and the angle can be adjusted between 5 to 30 degrees.The equipment is built with a powder coated steel frame and a solid four leg base that lets it place on the ground. It can be assembled easily within 10 minutes. The foot pedal release can be easily extended using the standard extension cord. The White Wing Automatic Trap is slightly cheaper than the WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap but not as portable as the previous one. This equipment is highly durable and is constructed for outdoor activities.
  Buy Do-All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap $$$

Summary of features

Do-All Outdoors - Raven Automatic Trap with Wheels

The Raven Automatic Trap with Wheels has inbuilt wheels and a handle to pull it easily. The trap can shoot clays up to 50- 80 yards with a 2.5 second recycle time and can adjust the angle up to 5- 35 degrees. The arm is built using aircraft aluminum and the tray with a silky smooth texture that gives it a professional look. The raven includes durable texture with a matte finish to give it a sturdy look. It includes a safety pin that prevents the arm from firing during accidental releases.It also includes an attachable safety ring guard and a foot pedal release with 25-foot cord with an adjustable limit switch for timing adjustments in the field. The Raven Automatic Trap can be easily operated by one person and can be used expertly even if you are an inexperienced user. It is perfect for practicing your hunting skills. The Raven Automatic Trap is operated by a 12V deep cycle marine battery and is compatible with all Do-All Outdoors remote and Wobbler. The equipment also includes a low battery indicator light and a power on/off/release button.   Buy Do-All Outdoors - Raven Automatic Trap with Wheels $$$

Summary of features

Price's And Comparison chart

Champion & Do-All Outdoors Skeet Throwers

Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap Do-All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap Do-All Outdoors - Raven Automatic Trap with Wheels
 Automatic thrower  Automatic thrower  Automatic thrower
 50 target capacity  25 target capacity  50 target capacity
 Up to 30-degree angle adjustment  5- 30-degree angle adjustment  5- 35-degree angle adjustment
 Swing arm is built with aluminum and includes a two-wheeled frame  Stylishly built with powder coated steel frame and a solid four leg base  Look stylish with elegant black and aluminum arm swing
 Price: $285.90  Price: $941.16  Price: $280.76


Thus, after going through the reviews, features, and comparison charts of the best 3 clay pigeon throwers, now you can decide on your choice. These traps are manufactured by the world's most leading clay thrower brands those assure longevity in their products and will run for years. These traps are extremely durable and deliver their best performance compared to the lower priced traps those claim to perform better but lacks somehow. So whether you are an amateur or a professional thrower, you can sort out from this list, which trap would be the best, based on their features, functionalities, operation, and design. The prices of these traps are quite reasonable and affordable, and each trap comes in a different price range depending on their features.